3 Kind Of Woman That Makes Men Never Forget

There are those ladies who stay in a man’s memory for the rest of his life. He might even have a family and another lady, but he would always think back on the one with whom he could have succeeded and been content.

Which woman do men always remember?

1. The person who abandoned him

A man’s memories of a lady who left him can be very strong. This indicates that she is far superior to him and that he has demonstrated his unworthiness.

Such an impression causes a man to view her as the most unique, different from everyone else, even if she may be an entirely ordinary lady with numerous flaws.

Just that the evaluation of the man himself, not her objective value, is what’s most important in this situation. The woman is much more than him if she doesn’t want to be with him.

2. A woman who offered him

They met, went on numerous dates, and supposedly everything went smoothly. However, she abruptly stopped speaking without saying anything. The crucial issue is that the man will remember this girl for a very long time and wonder why she rejected him, regardless of why the communication ended. Most of the time, it turns out that she just stopped talking to him because she found him to be uninteresting.

3. A lady who exhibits erratic conduct

It is common knowledge that a lady in love would make calls, send letters, agree to meet up with you, etc.

However, a woman’s behavior toward a man does not allow for any forecasts if she is not interested in him.

She requests a meeting today and even suggests a date for herself, but by tomorrow she is no longer certain if she wants to keep the connection going. The more time passes during this type of conversation, the more the man lusts after the lady. Even though the male realizes the ridiculousness and danger of this association.

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