5 Signs That You’re Not Loved, You Are Being Used

5 Indices That You Are Not Being Loved or Valued

1. Your spouse disregards your emotions

Because expressing your emotions to your partner either has no effect or, worse yet, a negative consequence, you have a tendency to keep them to yourself. For instance, they may react angrily or say it’s all in your head when you tell them you are upset or sad because of something they did.

2. Only when they need something from you does your partner call you.

Your relationship may be in jeopardy if you believe that they only show you kindness when they require a favor. Not to mention the likelihood that the support is not reciprocal.

3. Your partner is frequently absent

You might want to reevaluate your involvement in the relationship if your partner always has an excuse not to spend time with you or if they are exhausted or busy all the time.

4. None of their buddies have you ever met

If you’ve been seeing this person for some time but haven’t met any of their friends, it probably signifies they don’t think the relationship will endure and see no value in introducing you to their social group.

5. You can’t recall the last time you had a deep conversation.

A successful partnership depends on effective communication. You are probably not in a real relationship if all of your chats are brief or nonexistent and if you don’t express any of your hopes and dreams to your partner.

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