5 Submissive Wife Rules To Make Your Husband Happy

What does “submissive wife” mean?

This is going to be a deep-dive into submissive wife rules. Being a “submissive” wife doesn’t translate to something negative, it just means a wife who wants to let her husband take the lead.

There are many facets to making a relationship work. And one of those facets is being able to establish a strong relationship dynamic with your partner.

submissive wife rules

A lot of the time, a man just isn’t going to respond well to a woman who is strong and independent. This is where you have to insert yourself as a more submissive person than a dominant one.

Of course, as they say, opposites attract. This is why a lot of strong-willed and dominant men are attracted to submissive. So, if you happen to be attracted to such a guy, you must do whatever it takes to make that relationship work.

There are certain rules that you need to abide by to ensure the success of a relationship.

Following are five meaningful and romantic submissive wife rules:

Here are a few rules you need to follow to make sure your husband is happy:

1. Let Your Man Be Your Hero

Submissive wife rules

He wants to be your hero, only yours. Let him have the place in your life and heart. If he wants to be your special person, let him. His intentions are pure and emotional.

2. Be His Equal Partner

Submissive wife rules

He needs a support system. A reminder that he has someone watching over him, that he’s not alone. Be his partner, in love and life. He is prepared to make you equal in everything, give him that power.

3. Be His Light in The Dark

submissive wife rules

It’s not always going to be sunny, dark days are bound to come in everyone’s life. Be prepared to face the darkness, hand in hand with him.

4. Give Him Your Attention

submissive wife rules

As stated above, he is going to need his Queen by his side, make sure he knows you’re listening. Partners need to listen to each other, with an open mind and a happy heart.

5. Never Hide Anything From Him

submissive wife rules

You’re a team, hiding from your team-mate isn’t going to do any good for neither you nor your partner. Lies and deception are the pillars of bad relationships.

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