8 Signs You’re Dating A Compulsive Liar

Dishonesty is a harmful quality that we should all avoid. Healthy relationships are based on truth, not lies. Lying shows a lack of trust and empathy. Often, it hurts individuals or even entire groups.

The man you’re seeing seems nice, but there’s something not quite right. You notice he tells small lies and only gives part of the truth, and you’re starting to notice his exaggerations. If this is happening, there’s a chance he could be a compulsive liar.

Here a few ways to spot a compulsive liar:

1. He can’t look you in the eye

If your partner avoids looking into your eyes while talking or seems uneasy when discussing his day, he could be hiding the truth.

These behaviors might suggest he’s not being entirely honest with you. Watch for signs of discomfort like looking away or fidgeting, as they could be attempts to distract from his lies.

2. He embellishes the details on just about everything

Compulsive liars often exaggerate even the simplest stories. Pay attention to how he describes everyday events, like interactions at work or with friends. If he adds melodramatic or unrealistic details, it might be a sign of embellishment. These habitual liars tend to stretch the truth, making their stories hard to believe.

3. He lies about the little things

Your boyfriend might naturally choose to tell lies instead of the truth in different situations. You can test this by asking him simple questions about his day,

which are easy to check. Pay attention to whether he tends to lie or tell the truth, especially when it comes to smaller matters.

4. Everytime he tells a story it changes

If his stories seem too hard to believe or keep changing a bit each time, it could mean he’s having trouble keeping his lies consistent.

He might even use stories from others or switch around the details. To be sure, ask your shared friends or do some checking yourself if you’re still unsure about what’s true.


5. He really wants to be liked

He might tell stories to make himself seem cooler or more interesting, like making up something he thinks you’d like. Compulsive liars often do this to get praise and feel good. Be careful not to believe everything they say.

6. Defying truth: unyielding lies in the face of evidence

You figured out he’s not telling the truth, and you talked to him about it, but he won’t admit it. Compulsive liars can sometimes start believing their own lies,

confusing reality with imagination. It’s like they can’t see the truth even when it’s right in front of them. Or maybe he’s just being difficult and doesn’t want to admit he’s wrong.

7. He tries to make you feel bad for catching him in a lie

When compulsive liars are confronted, they often get defensive and turn the situation around, making you feel like you’re at fault.

This happens because they want to avoid being exposed. So, if you notice your partner reacting this way when you call out his lies, it’s a strong indication that he’s a compulsive liar, trying to divert attention from his own dishonesty.

8. You’re not the only one who notices the lies

If multiple people, including friends, family, or even his own friends, mention that your partner seems untrustworthy, it’s important to take their observations seriously if you suspect he’s a compulsive liar.

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