9 Signs That He Actually Has Another Girl In His Life

Unfaithfulness is becoming all too rampant these days. It’s as if the culture of today’s youngsters just encourages them to stay away from commitment. Or perhaps there’s a certain fear there that is instilled in people that actually prevent them from just falling in love with a single person. Whatever the case, there’s no denying that there are still so many relationships out there that end because of infidelity.

And of course, you would never want to be the one who gets cheated on in a relationship. You never want to find out that the person you love the most in the world is actually finding love elsewhere. There’s a certain pain that comes from that situation that is unlike any other.

So it’s absolutely imperative that you stay guarded. While it’s good to just let yourself fall for someone without restraint sometimes, you also have to make sure that you aren’t so reckless about it. As a strong woman, you have to make sure that you keep yourself protected from the pitfalls of heartbreak. And the way that you can do that is to make sure that you don’t get blindsided by your partner’s unfaithful antics.

And the way that you can tell that is if you actually seek out the signs. But you have to be careful about this. Yes, you don’t want to be a person who ends up being made a fool out of. But you also don’t want to be the person who abruptly ends a relationship because you’re just being overly paranoid about things.

You still want to be calculated about it. You still want to be mature about it. Just because you see the signs are there doesn’t mean that your partner really is cheating on you. And if you do end up being sure that your partner is actually cheating on you, then you have to do something about it. You have to confront them about it and either end things or find a way to move forward in your relationship together.

So make sure to keep yourself protected. Arm yourself with the right information. Know what you have to be looking for and you’ll be able to spot the sins quickly. Here are 13 signs that he actually has another girl in his life and you need to act fast.

1. He starts smelling like other women.

He starts spending more time with other women; and sometimes, their scents will start to stick to him. So if he starts smelling like other women, then you can be suspicious.

2. He tries to pin the blame on you.

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It’s a classic diversion tactic. He doesn’t want you to go sniffing around his life, and so he’s going to try to make it seem like you are the one who is under investigation here.

3. Your instincts are telling you that something is off.

Trust your gut. Your instincts are there for a reason. They are always trying to look after you. Sometimes, your emotions can cloud your logic and keep you blinded. But your instincts are never going to lie to you.

4. He becomes more protective with his phone and computers.

All of the evidence is there. He doesn’t want you to be snooping around his phone because he will be found out.

5. He keeps acting nice to overcompensate.

He is very guilty about cheating on you. He knows that what he’s doing is such a terrible thing. And that’s why he’s acting on his guilt by trying to overcompensate. He’s going to act overly nice towards you just to try to relieve himself of his guilt.

6. He grows more distant from you.

Both physically and emotionally. He will start to ask for more physical space. And he’s also going to be less open to you about how he feels and what he thinks.

7. There is a substantial change in your sex life.

Whether that’s a good change or a bad change, a substantial change is always a bad sign. If things get worse, then it’s probably because he is finding sexual satisfaction elsewhere. And if things get better, again, it’s probably because he’s just trying to overcompensate.

8. He acts all secretive about his whereabouts.

He doesn’t really want you to know where he is throughout the day. He isn’t going to want to be transparent towards you. He doesn’t want to be too open because he knows that you’re not going to be happy when you find out what he’s up to.

9. He picks fights with you.

He’s obviously unhappy in the relationship and that’s why he’s seeking love elsewhere. And he’s also going to take out his frustrations about your relationship on you by trying to pick fights with you. He will argue with you about the littlest things. And he will throw fits about the simplest mistakes just to stick it to you.

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