A affair with his secretary

In a complex web of infidelity, a married man found himself entangled with his secretary. One fateful day, their desires overwhelmed them in the confines of the office, leading them to hastily escape to her abode.

After an afternoon of intense activities, exhaustion embraced them, and they surrendered to slumber, awakening around 8 p.m. As the man hastily donned his attire, he instructed the woman to carry his shoes outdoors, urging her to rub them against the grass and dirt.

Though perplexed, she obeyed his unusual request, and he slipped into his shoes before embarking on his journey home. Upon entering the house, his wife’s demanding voice confronted him, seeking answers for his absence.

With a heavy sigh, he confessed, “My love, honesty compels me to reveal the truth. I’ve been entwined in an affair with my secretary. I succumbed to slumber in her embrace and only stirred at the stroke of eight.”

A skeptical gaze fell upon his shoes, and his wife retorted, “Deceitful! You’ve been indulging in a round of golf!”

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