A son took his mother to a old age home, where he visited her from time to time.

A son drove his mother to a facility for assisted living, where he occasionally dropped by.
The Son decided to leave his mother behind after his father went away, only sometimes paying her visits.
“Once he received a call from an assisted living facility requesting that his mother pay him a visit.”Mom, what can I do for you?”

the son asked his bedridden, severely ill mother. He questioned. Mom responded,

4″There aren’t any fans in the old age home, so please install some.” Install a refrigerator as well because I used to routinely skip meals before bed.

”Mom, why are you telling me all this now that you just have a few hours left?” the son exclaimed in shock.

“While you were here, you never complained. If your children send you here, I’m concerned you won’t be able to manage (it’s OK sweetie, I’ve managed with the heat, hunger, and agony),’ Mom remarked.

She severely warned me to take care of what I left behind and stated that this is why she wants to modernise the old age home because she was afraid that one day, perhaps,

my children would abandon me there and I would experience what she did. She concluded by saying, “What you give is what you get.”

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