Men often choose big women for long-term relationships. Here’s why

Having a relationship with a large woman is something that most men have thought about even though society is often unfair to these ladies in the media. If it is not the right kind of woman to date, then why are men so happy to date them?

In this article, we will share 4 curious facts that prove that men are happy when dating a chubby girl. These facts will help you get to the bottom of the mystery why men often choose big beautiful women for long-term relationships.

1. Plus-size women are confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Many plus-size women have natural confidence, much like their thinner counterparts, but many bigger women may not. These women usually develop confidence over time, and it’s hard-earned confidence.

Unfortunately, a large number of curvy women may have had to go through abuse (mental, and possibly physical) and ridicule in their younger, and even adult years. That’s beyond sad but what’s actually wonderful about this sh*tty treatment is that once these ladies get through it, brush themselves off, and thrive, they end up possessing an air of confidence that’s regal, special, and magical.

And it’s really f*cking sexy. Ever seen a curvy queen stroll through a party, and slay, effortlessly? I have — and it’s hot. I totally respect it. It’s earned confidence that also doubles as a victory lap for a woman who’s determined to win at life. And I can’t get enough.

2. They’re super-hot.

It’s about curves that many men find very attractive. We have nothing against skinny women, but feminine curves are definitely sexie


3. Their butts are to die for.

Seriously. ​I’m a lifelong b*tt man. Smaller women can have nice fannies, but no one does junk in the trunk like plus-size women. If a guy doesn’t turn his head when a hot BBW walks past wearing leggings, he’s blind. Or gay. Or crazy. He’s not one of my homeboys.

Plus-size women rock and I want everyone to know.

4. A chubby girl will accept a man for who he is

Society tells men that they are not supposed to get upset about their own shortcomings as a human being. They may consider themselves too short, too hairy, or too homely to ever get a date with a woman. Yet, study after study has shown that chubby women are far more likely to accept a man for who he is instead of wanting him to change.

Men know this and will go for women that have less-than-perfect bodies, at least according to society’s take on the situation. The result is that men will feel less dissatisfied with their own imperfect bodies because they are being accepted by someone else. Also, that person doesn’t have a perfect body, either so they feel even better about the situation. All in all, it’s a great idea for men to be with someone that accepts them, and it’s even more beneficial if that woman just so happens to be curvy, too.

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