Men Want Love Too. They Love To Hear These 6 Things From The Lady They Really Love

There are some things guys like to hear, but not all women know this, and that is why some guys feel underappreciated because their women are not saying the right words.

Hence, if you are a lady and you don’t know what guys want to hear, this article gives you insights on the right things to say to a guy.

1. “I support you in everything you decide”

Feeling supported by the people we love gives us the strength to successfully face all the dilemmas and problems that life throws your way.

Make him feel that you support him and that you will always be there for him, no matter what happens.

2. “I trust you”

When a guy is down and unmotivated, he needs words of encouragement to cheer his spirit. If you are a sensitive lady, you can tell the guy, “I trust you.” Hearing those words would mean a lot to the guy, and it would impact him with confidence.

Guys love it when their egos are massaged, and hearing those words makes them value the woman more than before. Also, it is one of the things guys like to hear in text messages.

3. “I respect you”

One of the fundamental pillars in any relationship is respect, both for oneself and for the other person.

Respect his decisions, his tastes, his friends, his family, his way of life … When you respect everything around him, he will respect you.

4. “I’m proud of you”

One of the many things that inflates a guy’s ego is hearing his favorite woman or female friends mention how proud they are of him. This statement usually comes after an accomplishment, and it motivates the guy to achieve more because there are people rooting for him.

5. “You can trust me”

Trust is reciprocal, and in a relationship there must be trust on both sides.

If with your words you are giving him security, you will facilitate the work of trust.

6. “How handsome you are today”

We love it when they tell us how beautiful we are, especially when you’ve spent two hours putting on make-up, fixing your hair, trying on your entire wardrobe … Well, even if they haven’t invested as much time as you, the fact that you have chosen other clothes other than a cowboy and a t-shirt, is to praise.

So do it! Because you will brighten her day and give her the necessary motivation to make her want to get ready tomorrow.

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