The first thing you see in this image will reveal your true personality

What is the first thing you see in the image below?

1. Tree, 2. Lion, 3. Gorilla, 4. Fish

Be honest because your answer will reveal your true personality!

1. Tree

If you saw the image of a tree at first glance, it means you are an honest and rational person. You are also known for being positive and your friends often come to you for advice.

You are also a natural leader who is aware of your capabilities. You are also known for being too rigid and therefore you should try to be more spontaneous and flexible in your daily life.

2. Lion

You have a strong personality and you are also an influential person. Everyone around you is aware of what you strive for in life. You always push yourself and the people around you to achieve anything they put their minds to.

You are also known for having wild and risky ideals. Whenever you hit an obstacle or fail at doing something you will learn from that experience and rise even stronger.

3. Gorilla

If you see a gorilla, this means you are a highly analytical person. You will always find a deeper meaning in everything. You also always seek opportunities perfect yourself because you believe everyone has room to grow. You also like to observe people and your surroundings.

You tend to solve problems on your own because you do not want to trouble anyone else. You are also stubborn and strong-headed because you believe you are always right and will persuade people to accept your views.

4. Fish

If the first thing you saw were the two fish at the bottom of the picture, you are an optimistic and cheerful person. You always maintain a positive view on life.

You are also often labeled as a dreamer and an idealist. Even though you are a positive person and believe in yourself, there will be times when other people will use you and take advantage of you because you have a tendency to be naive.

Did these personality traits prove true?

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