When a man initiates a hug, here are 5 things he means

If guy recently initiated a hug with you then you’re probably wondering why and what it might mean.

This article will try to help you figure that out and to help you to make sense of why a guy might hug you as it happens in the future.

1. He cares about you

The back is a vulnerable part of the body that you cannot see.

It is always surprising when somebody touches it. But when a guy softly rubs you on the back, it means he cares about you and wants to protect and nurture you. But sometimes, a guy can stroke a girl’s back when caressing her.

The rubbing can be soothing and even turn him on. When that happens, it means he wants you. Also, stroking from behind could mean the guy has come to you for some comfort. Your relationship with him could help you decipher the meaning of the hug.

2. He is being friendly to you

He will initiate a hug and thumb your upper back. The significance of the hug is that the guy is being friendly to you. In most cases, it happens when a guy hugs you goodbye. Besides, most men hug their buddies that way when they have just met.

If you are in a relationship with a guy, and he thumbs your upper back while hugging you, it means he is no longer into you, and the romance between the two of you is fading. Also, if you have a crush on him and initiate such an embrace, it means he is not interested in having a relationship with you. The gesture can even be more revealing if he does it in private.

3. He wants you

When a guy hugs you for a long time by encircling your lower back with his hands and pulling you tightly towards you, it means he wants you. If he puts his hand further down your back or body, he is more fired up to be with you. It is crucial to pay attention to this gesture when starting a relationship with him.

Hugging you for a long time and doing it tightly means you are no longer a fling to him. He has already accepted you and is willing to go the extra mile to be with you. Also, the guy feels both of you can connect emotionally and mentally. Also, if you have noticed that the guy does not hug his friends for a long time but only you, you have won his heart. He is comfortable embracing you that way because he likes being close to you.

4. He is showing his sense of security

A guy can initiate a hug by grabbing and even picking you up with all his power, desire, and strength. You will even hear him grunting as he squeezes your back because he uses all his energy to give you a good hug. In most cases, you may find yourself reciprocating because you like it.

The significance of the hug is that the guy is showing you his sense of security. He is savouring that moment you are together. It also means he has your back and not going anywhere.

5. He’s sad

It could be that the reason he hugged you was because he was feeling sad.

If this was the case then he would have likely been talking with you about a sad subject for him.

He would also have likely shown body language signals that this was the case such as:

– Crying
– Quivering
– Monotone speech tone
– Slouching
– Trembling lower lip
– Self-hugging

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