When A Man Is Looking To Move On From You, You Will Notice These Painful Signs

1. There’s a lot more silence

When the relationship began, hewas interested in every aspect of your life; your goals and aspirations; your hobbies and passions. He would engage in conversation practically nonstop. But now he hardly has anything to say and doesn’t seem to pay attention when you try to engage him.

2. He stops taking any initiative in the relationship

When you two first fell in love, he was the one texting you first. Or he would call you up and ask if you wanted to get dinner or catch a movie. These days? Text messages are few and far between, and he never seems to want to spend time with you.

3. He never notices the little things anymore

Back in the day if you got a new haircut or wore a dress he had never seen before, he would go out of his way to pay you compliments. If it was a chilly evening, he’d offer you his jacket. But these sweet things he’d say or do appear to be in the past.

4. You’ve taken a backseat in his life

In the past, even with his busy schedule, he never had any problems fitting you into it. But all of a sudden it is like he is purposely avoiding you. He’s out at the bars with his friends and not inviting you to come along. He cancels out on dates even when you planned them well in advance. Although he says, “Maybe we can hangout this weekend” he stops following through.

5. He makes excuses for not seeing you

He says he’s too tired to see you after work. He’s not interested in seeing the movie. He doesn’t want to go on the weekend getaway because suddenly the plane tickets and hotel are too expensive (even though this was never a concern of his in the past).

6. He acts very coy

You can’t seem to get any clear answers from him about anything anymore. He never talks about his daily life anymore. He would tell you about what his parents and siblings were up to, and now he never makes any references to his family. It is like he is deliberately creating distance between you.

7. He has a short fuse

Now he suddenly snaps at you all the time and often for the silliest of reasons. He also seems to try to find flaws in the most minor of things. He is purposely making himself unlikeable in order to sabotage the relationship.

8. His body language

He no longer makes eye contact. He folds his arms. He doesn’t hold your hand anymore. When you sit down for a meal, he’s constantly checking his phone whereas this wasn’t something he was ever prone to doing in the past. Even his hugs and kisses seem to be devoid of any feeling. These are all signs that something is no longer right in the relationship.

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